Book jacket

Smalltalk, Objects, and Design

by Chamond Liu

About the book

Smalltalk, Objects, and Design is both a reference and textbook. It covers the full range of topics from the nuts and bolts of the Smalltalk programming language through the central issues and techniques of object-oriented design. The table of contents spells out its breadth.

In these web pages you can read reviews of the book, get an idea of what the book is about from its preface, and even meet the author.

You can also download solutions to key programming exercises.

Solutions to exercises

Solutions to many of the design exercises are discussed in the book itself. In addition, code suggestions for the Smalltalk exercises in Chapters 8 and 12 are available in this file (approximately 5 KB).

Purchasing a copy

You can purchase Smalltalk, Objects, and Design from any offline or online bookstore, including, linked below.

(A note about ISBN numbers: The original edition has two ISBN numbers, 0-13-268335-0 and 1-884777-27-9, but they refer to the same book. The ISBN number of the reprint is 1583484906.)

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