Praise from experts and novices

"What I liked most about this book was the confidence with which Liu presents a wide range of topics: objects, architecture, gui, frameworks, design, patterns -- all the right stuff. If a bright developer from some other branch of our discipline were to use his book as his only source of information, he would come off as savy and well connected, even at a Smalltalk conference. And he would enjoy the experience too, since Liu never talks down to his readers."

Ward Cunningham
CRC Card inventor

" ... approachable, literate, fun, accurate and different ... the writing is of the highest calibre."

Ralph Johnson, author
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable OO Software

"Three of my favorite topics are Smalltalk, objects, and design. Chamond Liu's book is the perfect blend of these topics. I heartily recommend this book to practitioners who don't want to read a dry treatment on design methodology or yet another programming book. You will be treated to elements of good design, a historical perspective, design patterns demystified and coded in Smalltalk, and just the right mix of Smalltalk programming and object concepts."

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, author
Designing Object-Oriented Software

"I have been looking over the book and I am very impressed with it. ... Unlike all of the other books, it covers all of the important issues relevant to effective understanding of the language under one cover. It's the kind of book I had wished I could have written."

Ed Klimas, author
Smalltalk with Style

"One of those rare books that rewards both beginners and experts with insights appropriate to their levels. In addition, the writing style-- combining inciseveness and grace in a way that leaves me admiring and envious-- makes it a real pleasure to read."

Dave Collins, author
Designing Object-Oriented User Interfaces

"Well-written and well-thought-out.... The chapter on design patterns especially is first-rate."

Doug Lea, author
Object-Oriented System Development, and
Concurrent Programming in Java

"Best book on Smalltalk I've seen!"

Sherman Alpert, author
The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion

"A very solid and entertaining book by an expert communicator. ... Beginners and old hands alike will find useful ideas, entertaining writing and thought-provoking allusions to broader technical, literary and philosophical topics."

Martin Nally, chief architect
IBM Smalltalk and VisualAge

"This is a very sound and well-written book ... from one of the most experienced Smalltalk educators."

Dave Thomas, President
Object Technology International

"... one of the best design-oriented books that I have read to date."

Eric Clayberg, President
Smalltalk Systems

"... the scope and level very interesting ... a very useful collection of things which are spread around and hard to find ..."

Tom Morgan, Manager of Technology Development
Brooklyn Union Gas

"A very well written and entertaining book. It gave me insights into how to use Smalltalk and OOP properly. Also I loved the great commentary sections at the end of each chapter. Best Smalltalk book I have ever read and great reference."

Costas Menico
MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.

"A very well written book; a pleasure to read cover to cover. Good chapters on design patterns, metaclasses and garbage collection, etc. You can tell by the writing style that the author is also a teacher-- conveys information gracefully and effectively. Highly recommended."

Paul Jasek
Chubb & Son, Inc.

"This is a most beautifully written book, one of the most readable computer language books I have encountered. I don't know a thing about Smalltalk, either."

Bruce Murray
University of Alabama

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